Walking Trainers are the New Breed of Walking Shoe

Walking Trainers

Walking on   the BeachWalking trainers are the new style of walking shoe that’s making a massive difference to outdoor pursuits.

While the name ‘walking trainers’ may sound like a bit of a marketing gimmick, that couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to walking. So imagine your favourite pair of walking boots, but with the athletic last of a running shoe, combined with the feel of your most comfortable trainers. Walking trainers combine all of these elements to make walking feel a little lighter on the feet while providing all the stability, support and protection from the elements that you’ve come to expect.

There are a growing number of walking shoes on the market from casual strollers to styles more suitable for trail runners and hardcore hikers. Generally, walking trainers will offering good shock absorption in the heels and in the balls of the feet while being a little stiffer than running shoes, but will still offer a more flexible forefoot to accommodate the natural bend of your foot. The midsoles will also be thinner to accommodate the slower heel-to-toe roll when you walk.

Last week we reviewed the Hi-Tec Auckland walking trainers, which are a fine example of all the technology of a walking shoe incorporated into an advanced trainer design. As a result, these Hi-Tec Auckland WP walking trainers were ideal for trail walking as well as trail running while being completely waterproof, moisture wicking and hard wearing.

But Hi-Tec isn’t the only brand to make walking trainers. As pioneers of mountain boots, Salomon offer a wide range of walking trainers to compliment their walking shoes and hiking boots, while American manufacturer Wolverine offer countless styles of their best selling Merrell shoes which are ideal for all manner of outdoor activities.

So the next time your old walking boots finally fall apart, instead of trying out the same hiking shoes, why not give a pair of walking trainers a try and see the benefits for yourself?