Waterproof Walking Shoes

Walking Shoes

Waterproof ShoesUnpredictable British weather often means its best to hedge your bets in the spring and opt for a light pair of waterproof shoes to see you through until high summer.

So ideally you need a pair of walking shoes that are not only light and breathable, but waterproof as well. Recently there has been a rising in the walking trainer, which seems ideally suited to keeping feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

We intend to continue wearing our North Face Hedgehog trainers because they’re ideally suited to both wet and dry weather while offering a tenacious grip for when the ground turns to sludge following a sudden downpour. They’re mostly made of mesh, which makes them light and breathable and feature Gore-Tex XCR so that it doesn’t matter how hard the rain gets, my feet should stay nice and dry.

Anyone who has had to walk home in soggy shoes will know that waterproofing makes the world of difference.

Whether you want to go with the optimistic prediction of a super spring or expect a few more weeks of winter, a pair of waterproof shoes will ensure that no matter what the weather has in store, your feet will be comfortable and dry so you can concentrate on getting some exercise from walking.

If you’re stuck between the seasons and don’t want to fork out a fortune for a pair of shoes that provide lightweight comfort and breathability with waterproof protection, there are a number of cheaper waterproof trainers that do the job.

Obviously, the more affordable options aren’t going to protect you from torrential downpours, but provide enough protection in short showers while offering plenty of grip and a comfortable fit for a springtime stroll.