Guide to Toning Shoes

Walking Shoes

Walking LegsToning shoes have been developed on the back of recent studies which have highlighted the benefits of barefoot walking. Here at, we have long been proponents of the health advantages to going barefoot and the toning that it provides to the lower body. Whilst it is perfect for soft sand, it is not such a practical way of getting around on hard surfaces. Two popular styles of toning shoes offer the benefits of a return to barefoot walking, with the added benefit of EVA underfoot cushioning. FitFlop sandals came from an idea in 2004, to provide a shoe to give the benefits of barefoot but the comfort and support of a shoe. Since their launch the have fast become a fitness footwear sensation.

A return to barefoot walking offers considerable benefits, both to fitness and muscle tone and FitFlop sandals recreated both features without compromising style and offer a range of fashionable designs and colours. The sandals reduce the stress on the joints from walking by getting the body back to a more natural way of walking. They ease the joints and have been reported to help sufferers of painful bone, muscle and joint problems. Offering anatomically designed support they change the posture for a more beneficial walking gait. The shoes include a Microwobbleboard to increase muscle activity in the legs bottom and lower back giving a great boost to toning increasing muscle activity by up to 30%.

The range of styles on offer today has increased dramatically from simple flip-flop style sandals to more standard shoe styles and are now suited to a wide range of activities to offer a toning boost no matter where you are or what you want to do.

Skechers Shape Ups offer a similar return to a more natural walking pattern, and they too simulate barefoot walking and provide the associated health and toning benefits. The trainer styles are better suited to colder weather, and they also produce a range of work shoes which can be worn around at the office.

The shoes feature a curved sole with an innovative Kinetic Wedge. They promote a more natural rolling of the foot from heel to toe, offering exceptional cushioning and reducing stress to the joints. They also work the body more thoroughly by bringing the abdominal muscles into action and improve blood circulation.

A newcomer to the toning shoe market is Reebok, who combine their renowned trainer comfort with a boost to fitness and muscle tone with their Easytone trainer range. Whilst not offering posture correction and a return to barefoot walking, they manage to increase toning to the legs and bottom up to 28%.

All of these toning shoe ranges offer the opportunity to get more value from simple walking, and help with toning, weight loss and fitness. The benefits of barefoot walking can easily be gained with little extra effort, and the health of the whole body can be improved whilst walking. It is no surprise that toning shoes have become such a popular fitness footwear choice.

If you are considering giving your exercise routine a boost, or taking advantage of the health benefits a change of footwear can provide, then toning shoes could be the answer. Alternatively, there’s nothing quite as refreshing as a leisurely stroll along a sandy beach. We’ll leave the choice to you.