Brasher Reveals Brasher Hillmaster 2

Brasher Reveals Brasher Hillmaster 2Walking Boots

The iconic Brasher Hillmaster has been surpassed by Brasher’s new Brasher Hillmaster 2 GTX -a lighter, modern take on the classic hill walking boot.

Launched in the late 80s, the Brasher Hillmaster was the first walking boot to discard the heavy steel shank and incorporate Gore-Tex breathable, waterproof technology while providing all the comfort and fit of a running trainer.

The revolutionary concept occured when Olympic athlete Chris Brasher removed his heavy leather walking boots, having rubbed countless painful blisters and donned his running trainers in order to complete his trek across Wales. Exclaiming at the finish how he wished his walking boots could be as flexible and supportive as his running trainers, he hit upon an idea.

After all, if he could comfortable walk for countless miles in his trainers, he should be able to do so in a pair of equally light and flexible walking boots. 30 years on, it’s remarkable to think just how radical the first Hillmaster boot was.

But now it’s time for a new brown leather walking boot to take tradition into the 21st century.

Chris Brasher’s Hillmaster was the first traditional brown leather walking boot to be lightweight, flexible and featured the early Gore-Tex breathable, waterproof membrane. Having been the best selling walking boot of all time and the inspiration behind ever walking boot ever since, the Brasher Hillmaster has evolved into the Brasher Hillmaster II GTX for the modern market.

Ironically, the Brasher Hillmaster 2 GTX is almost identical, save a few visual updates, but what lies within the boot is what will make all the difference.

Set for release in Spring 2011, the Brasher Hillmaster II GTX offers a number of modern features with a gender specific fit and updated styling while still holding on to the traditional concept of a classic brown leather walking boot.

Meanwhile a modern Hillmaster sole unit reduces the lug depth while increasing the surface area in contact with the ground in order to give greater stability and grip while picking up less mud and stones with each step.

This time Brasher has gone for full grain leather uppers for their Hillmaster II which varies between 2.2mm and 2.4mm thickness for men and 2.0mm and 2.2mm for women. Brasher has been very conscious of gender this time around and there’s also a new tongue system, a soft leather inner lining as well as added heel support and memory foam for a softer, snugger and more secure fit. And of course, not forgetting the Gore-Tex breathable, waterproof membrane.

Finally, the new Brasher Hillmaster II GTX weights in at 1412g per pair (706g each), which is 200g more than the original Brasher Hillmaster and it will be sold at an RRP of £145 while the current Hillmaster is priced at £120. Despite being heavier and more expensive, you get a lot more boot for your buck and we can expect many traditional brown leather walking boot lovers to be eagerly awaiting the official launch of the Brasher Hillmaster II GTX in March 2011.

If you’re regularly conquering the countryside on your walks, the Brasher Hillmaster II GTX will be ideal for conquering the steepest hills. Although with the heavy price tag, casual walkers will want something a little lighter on the wallet.