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Walking sandals have been a round for a little while now, providing a lightweight and breathable alternative to the traditional walking shoe whilst embracing summer fashion with all manner of hip and trendy styles. Essentially walking sandals are funky sandals with all the comfort, traction and support of your favourite walking shoes.

Now that the blue skies have come back to Great Britain, it’s time to venture back outside and go for a walk without having to worry about muddy footpaths or wet weather conditions, which means its time to embrace spring, summer and sandals.

Although walking sandals have just come onto the market, there is a massive amount of designs available from all kinds of well known walking brands and sandals specialists, including Brasher, Merrell, Hi-Tec and many more. So whether you’re planning a casual stroll, walking the dog, going for a proper trek or simply strutting about in some relaxing summer footwear, then there will be a pair of walking sandals for exactly what you want.

To find out which walking sandals are the best, we’ve picked five of the biggest sellers which are ideal for walking on all kinds of surfaces from tall grass to rocky footpaths while being comfortable fitting, lightweight and breathable. The perfect walking sandal will also be rugged, hard wearing and built to last, all while looking good.

Top 5 Walking Sandals put to the Test

Merrell Chameleon II Kahuna – Classic TaupeMerrell Chameleon II Kahuna – Classic Taupe

The big kahuna when it comes to walking sandals. The Merrell Chameleon II Kahuna – Classic Taupe is the most popular choice of walking sandal on the market right now with an especially strong appeal to women and it really is no wonder with its rugged, but comfortable styling that’s renowned amongst footwear made by the Merrell brand. The pigskin leather uppers are water resistant and hard wearing, a neoprene lining rapidly wicks excess heat and moisture away from the skin and the strap system maintains a very comfortable fit without any slipping or rubbing. For technical performance, a wide range of features from the Antimicrobial Footbed to the footbed, footframe, air cushion midsole, forefoot flex plate and industry leading Vibram rubber outsole maintain comfort, stability, support and traction with every step for all manner of walking surfaces.

Hi-Tec Montezuma – Chocolate and StoneHi-Tec Montezuma – Chocolate and Stone

Champions of affordable fashion and function, Hi-Tec has seen their Hi-Tec Montezuma – Chocolate and Stone walking sandals soaring in popularity with its chunky design, comfortable fitting and essential underfoot support. Combined with its unbeatable price point, it’s no surprise that the Hi-Tec Montezuma is such a big seller. Fashioned from water resistance nubuck leather with a three-strap hook and loop closure system, it’s quick and easy to get on and off while providing a comfortable fit while the soft neoprene lining wicks away any excess heat and moisture from your feet. Underfoot support is provided by an EVA midsole with external shank support while the MDT carbon rubber outsole provides plenty of traction for grass, mud and stoney paths.

Brasher Trekker Nubuck – SandBrasher Trekker Nubuck – Sand

Designed to offer essential comfort and strength whilst walking, Brasher has taken their straightforward walking features and built them into their first walking sandal, the Brasher Trekker Nubuck. As a lightweight, comfortable and versatile sandal that offers great performance, the Trekker is built from nubuck leather with Velcro straps, a moisture wicking neoprene lining and a Traklite rubber sole unit with EVA midsole to provide all the comfort, support and grip you need for walking in the warm summer months. Brasher never seem to shout about the technology in their footwear. Instead we’re expected to put our trust in a renown hiking boot brand famed for their wide range of brown boots that surpass expectations. While understated, but highly functional, this is a good looking walking sandal with a lot to offer while out enjoying the weather or indulging in casual comfort.

Teva Terra Fi 2 – Nasca NavyTeva Terra Fi 2 – Nasca Navy

Teva have been specialists in outdoor sandals for over 20 years. As a result, Teva offer high performance, multi-functional and robust footwear for the outdoor enthusiast with plenty support and cushioning for comfort. Teva Terra Fi 2 walking sandals are designed to be used in water or on land, featuring the patented Teva strapping system, a fully adjustable padded heel as well as moisture wicking comfort and anti-microbial protection. Meanwhile an Encapsulated Shoc Pad, EVA midsole and Non-marking Spider rubber outsole provides all the underfoot stability, support and grip you need for all manner of outdoor summer activities from walking the dog to casual watersports.

Merrell Chameleon II Convertible – Navy and HedgeMerrell Chameleon II Convertible – Navy and Hedge

Cool, colourful and comfortable, the Merrell Chameleon II Convertible speaks volumes in style while being suitable function as a walking sandal. Manufacture from durable synthetic leather with a moisture wicking neoprene lining and an anti microbial foot bed, this walking sandal works in everyway to keep your feet feeling fresh. The padded rear strap, hook and loop instep and forefoot closure offer an excellent fit in combination with the DeepDish 3D contour design and EVA foot frame. And for a softer feeling underfoot, an air cushion midsole, forefoot flex plate and industry leading Vibram sports sandal rubber sole provide comfort, stability and traction in every step. But is it worth playing £5 more for the Merrell Chameleon II Kahuna? Probably.

We Recommend

As far as walking sandals go, these are all excellent examples of what a fine quality walking sandal should be. So we couldn’t simply go and pick one winner when some walking sandals cost considerably more than others. Instead we have selected certain sandals based on their performance and good looks as well as value for money.

Best Value for Money: Hi-Tec Montezuma – Chocolate and Stone

Hi-Tec as a brand always offer exceptional value and their range of walking sandals are no different. The Hi-Tec Montezuma is the best of their walking sandals and when you consider that its got good looks, a solid chunky design and all the cool comfort and support you could ever want, you won’t find a better bargain at under £20. It offers all the essentials that make for a hard wearing walking sandal that’s suitable for fashion, long treks or casual strolls.

Best Performance: Teva Terra Fi 2 – Nasca Navy

Teva have been making technical walking sandals before we knew such a thing even existed. As a result, they are the masters of comfort and performance, providing everything you need in fashionable summer sandals from funky designs to superior underfoot support and even waterproof protection for the most active of outdoor enthusiasts. Retailing at £59 for a pair of these technical walking sandals is a high price to pay, but certainly worth every penny if you demand the best in performance from your summer footwear.

Best Looking: Merrell Chameleon II Kahuna – Classic Taupe

Merrell have always known how to make a great range of outdoor shoes and it seems that no one gets tired of taupe and other natural earthy colours. The Merrell Chameleon II Kahuna is a fantastically styled walking sandal which while looking great is also comfort and technical, offering the support you need for walking long distances during summer. While its one of the more expensive walking sandals in our top 5, the Merrell Chameleon II Kahuna easily ticks all the boxes.

So if you spent last summer with sweltering in your walking shoes, then a pair of suitable walking sandals is an essential purchase for anyone enjoying the outdoors. I for one might purchase a pair for casual comfort in something more supportive than Birkenstocks and far more stylish for a man than a pair of flip flops!