Review of Best Walking Sandals 2013

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As the summertime is finally upon us amidst the occasional sudden downpour the weather is perfect for slipping on a pair of decent walking sandals and exploring the outdoors whether it’s a lengthy hike or just a walk in the park.  We have put together a handy guide for the Top 5 Walking Sandals for this year so you don’t have to spend lengthy hours searching through reviews and numerous brands to find the right pair you’ll love.

With each passing year walking sandals are growing in popularity as technical features and materials are continually improving making them as close to performance footwear as is possible making them much better than flimsy sandals or flip-flops you can pick up at the seaside.

Walking sandals are relatively close to trainers with a minimalised design yet remain tough and comfortable with a fashionable design too.

In searching for that perfect pair of walking sandals there are a few things to consider like what type of terrain you may be walking on as decent grip and traction can often be needed unexpectedly, how long your walks will be so as not to develop sores and blisters so checking what support and comfort they give is essential, plus are they water resistant and fast drying in case the weather changes or your route takes you near lakes, rivers or the beach.

Top 5 Walking Sandals Guide

So if you have given a bit of thought to the above you can see how they match up against our choice of this years’ premium walking sandals at the most affordable prices from a range of brands and styles to maximise the options for everyone and see which best suits your needs.

Merrell Siena Ladies Sandals

These women’s walking sandals have proven to be incredibly popular over the last year as they offer a range of features and a really stylish design.  The mix of support, comfort and style make these an incredible walking sandal due to the combination of a microfiber wrapped footbed, Nylon 6’6 injection moulded arch shank, Q-Form triple density compression moulded EVA footframe and a Merrell air cushioned midsole.  The Merrell Siena Ladies Sandals have a nubuck leather upper posted laterally and medially that can be adjusted with straps at the instep and around the heel which can even be removed for a quick conversion to a slide and the Merrell Sunflower sticky runner sole gives you decent grip even on wet surfaces.

Teva Toachi 2 Walking Sandals

The current version of the Teva Toachi 2 Walking Sandals has a few improvements over the popular original by being much lighter in weight and more streamlined for better comfort and support but also has a number of technical aspects that make this a tough walking sandal.  It has the Teva T.I.D.E technologies so not only with the Toachi 2 grip even in the wettest conditions but the Drain Frame means that all water will evacuate through the midsole keeping your feet dry.  Each pair also has three points at which you can adjust it for a better custom fit, a Shoc pad in the heel for protection and the Microban anti-microbe protection and a Mush infused insole.

North Face Base Camp Flip Flops

This has a classic flip-flop style if that’s what you prefer but is built with prime technical features to rival the rest of our Top 5.  As with most of The North Face products this is designed to be rugged and dependable and last a long time.  The upper is a PVC-free polyurethane coated strap with a soft binding and jersey lining so it’s made to be durable but comfy as well and the footbed is a cushion-like egg crate design EVA with anatomically correct arch support which is something you would expect to find on the most technical performance footwear, plus the outsole is a grippy rubber.  While we wouldn’t necessarily recommend taking long routes with uneven and unstable terrain in these they will certainly keep you going.

Merrell Kahuna Sandals

Often in not only our top lists but others as well; the Merrell Kahuna Sandals now in their third iteration are just fantastic.  Designed to be worn wherever your walks take you the Kahuna Sandals have the same hook and loop closure system in the uppers as their other sandals so you have much more control and versatility over the perfect fit for your feet and the Lycra neoprene lining gives continual padded comfort no matter how far you walk.  The outsoles on the Merrell Kahuna Sandals are Vibram Chameleon Sport Sandal Soles for greater comfort and traction on just about every kind of surface wet or dry.  Overall this a tough shoe even if it doesn’t look it and are antimicrobial too so even if they get wet or you perspire after a long trek they’ll keep fresh.

Teva Tirra Ladies Sandals

Teva are known for making shoes and sandals designed to get wet and stay comfy, supportive and all importantly gripped to the ground and their Teva Tirra Ladies Sandals are no exception.  The T.I.D.E comfort system allows for not only a comfortable adjustable fit for any foot shape but also has a built in Shoc pad to resist any impacts in the heel and the TIDE Hydro system is fast drying and helps keep your footing solid.  The Teva Tirra Sandals also have the Spider Original rubber outsole meaning no matter how wet your trail gets you will have uncompromising grip throughout which is handy when the weather is unpredictable.


In choosing any of these five walking sandals you will have all of the comfort and support your feet need on any walk but with subtle fashionable design and plenty of features letting you explore exciting hidden places you may come across even when the ground is wet and rocky.

If you still aren’t sure which to choose to help enjoy your walks this summer we have given three in particular a little extra attention to make things a little easier.

Best Value – North Face Base Camp Flip Flops

By far the cheapest of the Top 5 and the most minimal design but with all the technical features you need to keep you comfortable on less strenuous walks are the North Face Base Camp Flip Flops.  They have decent grip and much more comfy than regular flip-flops and made to last; perfect for when you need to get up and go.

Best Performance – Teva Toachi 2 Walking Sandals

When it comes down to it you want decent performance from your walking sandals and the Teva Toachi 2 walking sandals definitely give it.  Like all Teva footwear these are made to get wet so you can enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about the weather or any wet terrain and they’ll keep you gripped when you need it.  They also stay comfortable even after a long walk especially as they’re adjustable to match your feet almost like a custom fit.

Best Looks – Merrell Siena Ladies Sandals

It’s no surprise Merrell are always the most popular for their fashionable design and style as they create the best looking footwear time and again and the Merrell Siena Ladies Sandals are no exception.  These have a subtle style that hides one of the toughest pairs of walking sandals around, plus tough grip on every surface and an anti-microbial treatment so they’ll remain fresh even after hours of walking.

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