Top Walking Shirts for 2015

The warmer weather brings plenty more opportunities to get outdoors and re-discover your favourite treks and trails, or experience entirely new ones for the first time so you need clothing and gear that will perform well to enhance your experience and provide comfort that lasts.  At we always look to provide details of what we feel are the best outdoor products to meet all walkers and hikers requirements, much like this guide showcasing the five Best Shirts for Walking in 2015.

We know that everyone may need different features as a priority in any garment like a walking shirt so as with our other top 5 walking products guides,  this one for walking shirts has seen us look at a number of different quality brands to find which products perform better overall across a range of factors such as durability, moisture control, comfort, practicality and more along with a few other important considerations like value and style for a comprehensive shortlist you can choose from.

Best 5 Walking Shirts 2015

Columbia Silver Ridge Shirt

75475-zoomThe Columbia Silver Ridge Shirt is ideal for walking in the warm sunshine as it has been designed with fabrics to help you stay cool and dry.  Columbia Omni-Wick technology has been applied to the polyester and supplex Nylon Silver Ridge fabric so that it actually pulls perspiration from the skin and wicks it away from shirt while feeling soft and comfortable to wear.  The chest pocket bags are even made from mesh to help be breathable as well and are hook and loop closures for easier access, more comfort and visually looks better than buttons.  Omni-Shade has also been used for up to UPF 30 protection against solar rays.  This Columbia Silver Ridge walking shirt comes in both short sleeve and long sleeve variations as well.

Craghoppers Kiwi Shirt

68870-zoomDesigned as a year-round garment, the Craghoppers Kiwi Shirt is quite versatile and has a few handy features that could make this a staple part of your outdoor gear.  The polyester and cotton blend offers lasting durability and comfort and features continual UPF 40+ protection, plus has a solar collar for added cooling.  Three pockets are included; two chest pockets and one which is concealed so ideal for important documents, it also has drying loops and if you prefer long sleeves they are easily rolled with fastening button tabs unless you choose the short sleeve version.

Fjallraven Abisko Vent Shirt

78467-zoom (1)The Fjallraven Abisko Vent Shirt is perfect for long distance trekking, especially in warmer temperatures as it has been made with Lyocell fabric which constantly wicks moisture away with an extremely comfortable feel.  Also if you need added ventilation it has mesh and yoke gussets in the underarm area allow for a rapid cooling airflow.  The two chest pockets are button-down, as is the Fjallraven Abisko Vent shirts’ collar giving reassurance that they will stay in place.  The long-sleeve version has buttons on the sleeves to hold them in place if rolled up, or alternatively the short sleeve Abisko has all the same features just without the need of rolling up the sleeves.

Rab Onsight Shirt

76904-zoomIf you want a walking shirt that not only has a more casual style but suitable for everyday wear the Rab Onsight Shirt is perfect.  The style sees check style designs over the olive and khaki colourways commonly used in walking shirts so offers something different from these other top fives.  Despite the casual look the Rab On Sight Shirt has active technical features like bias-cut shoulder yoke and side panels enabling a greater range of motion and the polyester cotton fabric blend gives it a comfy feel, is lightweight and wicks moisture away quickly.  For added durability it has twin-stitched seams and a slotted button front closure and easy access and secure closing Velcro chest pocket.

Jack Wolfskin Mosquito Safari Shirt

75015-zoomThe highly technical Jack Wolfskin Mosquito Safari Shirt is light and durable while being fast drying which is similar to our other walking shorts for this year, but integrated into the Polyamide fabric is UV 40+ protection and permanent insect repellent properties as well.  It has good air circulation due to vents located in the back, handy front chest pockets for items needed at hand and fasteners for the sleeves if they have to be rolled up for even further cooling.


So if you prefer something with casual style, a garment better suited to warm, humid climates or need a full range of motion for an active trail then our selection of the Five Best Shirts for Walking 2015 should hopefully provide a better idea of which is best suited to you.  We have also awarded three of our chosen shirts in categories for best performance, value and looks as we know these are also important factors to most people.

Best Value: Craghoppers Kiwi Shirt

The Craghoppers Kiwi walking shirt is by far the Best Value as not only is it suitable for most of the year and offers a fairly high amount of protection against the suns’ rays along with breathability while also being the lowest of these top five in terms of price, so you really do get your money’s worth.

Best Performance: Jack Wolfskin Mosquito Safari Shirt

This walking shirt has all of the features of the rest such as moisture wicking, cooling, high UV protection and durability but also includes a repellent against insects as well, which depending on exactly where you go trekking may not be required but is still handy to have in case.  The flip side with having the best performance is also that the cost is the highest of this particular bunch.

Best Looks: Rab Onsight Shirt

We have gone for the Rab Onsight Shirt for the best looks as not only is a decent quality technical walking shirt but it available in styles that work anywhere.  The rest look good, but you can tell they are meant for hiking through the outdoors so for most people would only be suitable in the wild.