Top 5 Base Layer Tops 2015

If like us you love being active in the outdoors then having the most functional gear to help your performance is important, especially when it comes to clothing.  Increasingly in recent years technical fabrics and weaves have paved the way for items such as Base Layers to be produced that work with your body to enhance comfort and aid performance throughout a number of climate conditions.  As you may be unfamiliar with the various kinds of the garment type at we have compiled this Top 5 Base Layer Tops 2015 guide to highlight this and help you find the best one for your run, climb or hike.

One key feature to Base Layers is that each one is designed to fit to the contours of the body to support muscles with some even helping improve circulation for recovery while all tend to stretch and move as you do for total flexibility.  Certain versions are designed with particular seasons in mind so some have synthetic fibres that wick away moisture and create an air flow to help cooling during warmer weather whereas others have insulation properties that regulate overall temperature if worn as part of a layering system.

As there are a number of designs, styles and types of Base Layers and Thermals that are released throughout a year and bestselling models as well we have looked at as many as possible to provide all you budding adventurers with a range of options to hopefully be better informed on which one will suit your needs most.

Top 5 Base Layer Tops 2015

The North Face Warm LS Baselayer

TNFbaseThe North Face Warm LS Baselayer is great at ensuring sustained warmth in low temperatures mainly due to the inclusion of their HyActive Light fabric which features an open weave made up of hollow core yarns so not only does it work well at helping to keep you warm by trapping heat into its dual layers but the more active you are the harder it transports and wicks moisture away for continual quick drying.  In addition the TNF Warm Base Layer Top is a stretch garment so fits comfortably and flexes with every movement made like a second skin, plus depending on individual needs and preference this particular top is available in a crew or zip collar option.

X-Bionic Trekking Summerlight Baselayer

xbionicbaseLike all of their products the X-Bionic Trekking Summerlight Baselayer has a number of technical fabric components to ensure a lot of performance from the garment that provides a lot of comfort through maintaining external body temperature.  It features the 3D BionicSphere System on the chest and back areas so that hot air and moisture is channelled away while allowing fresh cool air to bring down core body temperature and alternatively will trap air into insulating pockets when it is cooler.  SweatTraps cleverly work by wicking away heavy amounts of sweat while leaving behind a thin layer of perspiration to aide cooling while an AirConditioning Channel keeps a constant flow of air around the entire fabric.  The Trekking Summerlight top also has X-Impact technology for compression muscle and joint support to help circulation and reduce fatigue and strain.

Icebreaker Everyday LS Crew Baselayer

epbaseTrue to its name the Icebreaker Everyday LS Crew Baselayer is ideal for all year-round wear as including being fully breathable and fast drying this garment it also insulates as well.  It is extremely light to wear and made entirely from Merino wool so naturally has those properties alongside being resistant to odours as well which means it stays relatively fresh even after a lot of activity.  The construction includes anti-chafe forward seams and Flatlock stitching so stop abrasion against the skin keeping the Icebreaker Everyday Base Layer Top soft and comfy all the time.  It also has raglan sleeves so you always have a full range of natural motion as well making it perfect for a wide array of outdoor activities.

Lowe Alpine DryFlo Top Baselayer

lowaThe Lowe Alpine DryFlo Top Baselayer is versatile as it is available in both long and short sleeve versions and intended for adding warmth when used as part of a layering system yet effectively transporting moisture and wicking away excess to stay dry while in use.  The DryFlo is made with a mix of Microban and Cocona so also helps to prevent odours and works very well overall as a stretch fabric so you feel supported while it all moves with you when active.

Rab Flux Pull-on Baselayer

As the Rab Flux Pull On Baselayer is designed for cool weather it is a midweight garment which provides both insulation and moderate cushioning so is very comfortable and soft against the skin and effective against preventing cold temperatures and wind from getting through.  The back panel is brushed so is relatively fast drying when you work up a sweat and to help greatly reduce spindrift  the Flux Pull On Top has a collar which is zipped into place with YKK Zips and thumb holes in the sleeves for better arm coverage.  The overall design looks clean and is streamlined for a modern minimalist style.


Any of these Top 5 Base Layer Tops for 2015 will work well as part of your outdoor active lifestyle and even the ones designed for summer wear can be worn in combination with other layers if you prefer them to the cooler weather versions while the others with more technical performance features may better work with your regime.