Vibram Five Fingers New Distributor

Barefoot Walking Shoes

Vibram Five FingersIf like us you struggled to get a pair of Vibram Five Fingers we have good news! Vibram Five Fingers are now being distributed by Anaton who are ensuring that there is enough stock to meet the high demand for this amazing barefoot walking shoe.

Vibram have an excellent pedigree when it comes to foot protection. The company was formed following the most tragic of circumstances, with the deaths of 6 climbers in the Italian Alps who lost their lives due to inadequate footwear. The tragedy inspired Vitale Bramani to formulate a new type of rubber, which provided excellent grip even on icy mountain ridges. The company was financed by Pirelli, the famed Italian tyre manufacturers and the revolutionary Vibram rubber is now used by the best outdoor footwear manufacturers to give the extra degree of protection required for the most demanding of environments.

It was a natural progression for Vibram to develop its own range of shoes. Starting from the ground up, they took their legendary outsole and designed a shoe around it, with the aim of offering barefoot walking experience with an extra degree of protection for the feet.

The result was one of the strangest looking shoes you are likely to see, however in terms of offering the benefits of barefoot walking there simply is no better barefoot shoe on the market. Many shoe manufacturers strive to incorporate the benefits of barefoot walking into their designs, however it is unlikely that anything will top Vibram Five Fingers.

Barefoot walking offers considerable benefits over wearing shoes, as the gait changes to a more flat-footed landing, rather than a hard heel strike which comes from modern footwear. With the heel and ball each taking their own share of the weight, the foot is allowed to perform as nature intended. Walking barefoot brings a wider range of muscles into play and also offers much better toning to the lower body.

Five Fingers are designed to perfectly match the anatomy of the feet to give a glove-like fit and to offer barefoot walking with more protection and comfort. They are constructed from the famed Vibram rubber outsole with an upper made from abrasion resistant stretch polyamide fabric. The material stretches to perfectly mould to the feet so much so that you are likely to forget you are wearing them.

To counter the problem of sweaty feet, the material is breathable and the footbed has anti-microbial properties which keep the feet perfectly healthy whilst offering the myriad of benefits which barefoot walking provides. Here at we have been proactively promoting the benefits of a return to barefoot walking and we have mentioned Vibram Five Fingers before, however they have been a source of much frustration due to the difficulty in securing a pair. So popular are the shoes that any provider rapidly sells out, with pre-ordering the only reliable way of securing pair of these fantastic shoes. With a major distributor such as Anaton now distributing the brand, British feet are once again likely to be on show in their full 5-digit glory.

For water sports they are one of the best shoes on the market, offering not only the benefit of razor sipped Vibram TC-1 performance rubber, but with the toes free to give extra grip, traction is improved significantly. A single hook-and-loop closure provides a tight snug fit to ensure no slippage and keep them well secured. The comfort fit and barefoot benefits makes the shoes perfect for many activities such as aerobics, Pilates, Yoga and martial arts and give incredible feel for scrambling, bouldering and canyoning. Want a bit of extra protection and grip for surfing? No problem, Vibram offer a waterproof shoe which will keep the feet and board connected in perfect harmony.

Vibram Five Fingers were designed to give the maximum possible feel to walking and to exactly recreate barefoot walking and the benefits which it provides to the body. Now that stocks have been secured, this revolutionary shoe is available again to British purchasers and we expect that once again they will become the barefoot walking shoe of choice.