Sealskinz Guide

Sealskinz Clothing Guide

For over thirty years SealSkinz has been creating waterproof clothing for all aspects of outdoor activities with their mandate of ‘sustainable performance in all conditions – without exception’ being the driving force behind each product so they are durable, moisture wicking, waterproof and allow for natural flex and movement.

In 1988 the first SealSkinz waterproof sock was designed by taking inspiration from John Logie Baird’s original dual-layer sock to help with his poor circulation while hiking in the colder months which has two cotton layers with the interior one having a borax coating which effectively wicked moisture away keeping the feet dry, warm and comfortable.  The SealSkinz version was also close fitting for more comfort and to help improve circulation and waterproof too and gradually over the next few years more sock designs were introduced until their 3-layer system was designed making them warmer and more durable.

Since then further garments have been added to the Seal Skinz line including gloves and hats that have the same insulating and waterproof properties as their ever popular socks.  No matter what type of outdoor activity is taking place, the range is ideal for everything from a casual winter walk to an expedition level trek.

Sealskinz Socks

When it comes to maintaining comfort in the outdoors it can quite surprisingly be an ill-fitting or poor quality pair of socks that can make even the best boots horrid to walk in but thanks to the SealSkinz socks you can make the most basic footwear feel incredible.  Besides the triple layer system and waterproofing they are known for, their socks also have supportive and comfortable elasticised insteps and on all but their thin socklets are Achilles ankle supports and can be worn with any type of footwear.  Depending on the type of footwear you favour Sealskinz socks are available in ankle and mid length plus various weights as well like thin and mid so there are always options for everyone which is handy of you prefer low bulk particularly with running shoes.

SealSkinz Gloves

The gloves from SealSkinz have the same technology and materials as their socks due to the success and reliability of waterproofing (on certain models), insulation and breathability they provide thanks to the three layers of merino wool, Coolmax and Primaloft.  So if your travels take you outdoors in the summer the Coolmax and merino wool of the inner and middle layers wick moisture away so you stay dry and cool, but during the winter the outer layer protects from wind and rain while the inner also keeps you warm.  There are different models of the gloves depending on specific requirements so some provide a much better grip, while others give more water or wind proof protection.

SealSkinz Hats

As everyone needs protection for all their extremities the range of SealSkinz hats was developed and produced to give heads everywhere protection from the weather.  Similarly to their gloves and socks the majority of the hats are waterproof, particularly the SealSkinz beanies and the caps, but for when the weather is much colder the thermal caps provide much better safeguarding from colder temperatures.


The SealSkinz clothing is certainly exceptional and some of the best out there for gloves, socks and hats and you can easily tell the second you put any of them on.  Even though they are made using premium quality fabrics like Merino wool and have seamless stitching to completely prevent any uncomfortable excess material they are relatively affordable, obviously more than your average pair of socks, but not overly expensive.

The great thing about SealSkinz is that they’re designed for all outdoor usage so from trips to the shops, or if you work outdoors to all kinds of travelling in the wild they’re completely suitable and add much more comfort, support and added climate protection without having to spend over the odds on heavily technical boots and headgear. Get over to who sell a range of Sealskin gloves and hats.