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Designed for the most extreme conditions in the world, Rab clothing is one of the most respected outdoor apparel brands among adventurers and climbers.

Founded in 1981 by mountaineering expert Rab Carrington, Rab is renowned for its first class range of outdoor gear and was the first manufacturer in the world to use Pertex in its sleeping bags and down jackets. This weatherproof and breathable fabric has continued to be used to enhance the performance of Rab’s gear ever since.

Rab apparel is a premium investment in quality, function and leading technical design for outdoor experts and casual walkers alike.

So while Rab makes serious high grade outdoor clothing for people climbing mountains, this doesn’t mean casual walkers with a bit more to spend can’t enjoy the comfort and technical features offered by this first class manufacturer.

Rab Jackets

Rab JacketRab waterproof jackets start from around £200, but for when you’re out walking the countryside or the high streets in the dead of winter, then the comfort, warmth and protection of your Rab clothing will certainly justify its cost.

However, you may find yourself ‘boiling in the bag’ during mild weather, so we’d recommend reserving the Rab jackets for heavy rain, freezing cold and 70-80mph winds.

That said, Rab jackets are guaranteed to be waterproof, windproof, breathable and hard wearing, while being light in weight to pack into a day sack, which makes them ideal for any serious walker.

The helmet compatible full-wired hood and 2 ‘raised’ map sized pockets which prominently feature in most Rab jackets clearly indicates the type of use these are suitable for.

However, the Rab soft shell jackets could be a better choice for casual walkers as they compromise on waterproofing and wind proofing to provide excellent breathability and are probably as weatherproof as a waterproof jacket from a more affordable outdoor brand while having all the construction quality that Rab clothing has become renowned for.

Rab Trousers

Rab TrousersLike their soft shell jackets, Rab trousers sacrifice some windproof and waterproof protection in favour of breathability. While priced against similar garments for other leading outdoor brands, there is no denying the sheer quality of Rab fabric and all the little extra details that makes their walking trousers worth every penny.

The weatherproofing of these trousers is also excellent and it’s only in really extreme conditions that the real Rab ‘waterproof’ trousers are called for –and they have an equally extreme price tag to match, so you can be assured of their exceptional performance.

Rab Baselayers

Rab BaselayerLike many outdoor clothing brands, Rab also offers a range of technical base layers. Just like their trek pants, these base layers are priced alongside their competitors while offering the technical expertise and high quality fabric that Rab has become renowned for.

Because good quality fabric is so vital for creating a low weight, insulating, breathable, moisture wicking, fast drying and odour resistant baselayer, Rab’s base layers are not only high in performance by surprisingly affordable as well. This makes them perfect as grounding for layers of warming clothes when the weather starts to bite or as a single breathable layer in summer.


Without a doubt, Rab is one of the best outdoor clothing brands in the world, which is evident from the sheer quality and technical excellence of their apparel.

As you would expect, this kind of quality comes at a price. But because Rab are a brand focussed primarily upon the performance of their products, you won’t find yourself paying extra for a brand name as you could with more fashionable outdoor brands. This means is that every penny goes towards raising the standard of the technical features and fabric of each garment.

While we would recommend Rab jackets for serious outdoor adventurers rather than casual walkers, there’s nothing to stop you paying a good deal more for a great improvement in comfort and quality.

Despite being a premium adventure brand, Rab do offer some excellent and affordable base layers and trek pants which are ideal for both beginners and outdoor experts. So if you feel that the Rab jackets are outside of your budget, then it’s definitely worth comparing them with the trousers and base layers of other brands to see what you can get for your money.