On Running Shoes Review

The On Running brand are growing in strength and popularity since the invention of their first shoe which was designed with the aim of providing a great running experience that has plenty of support and cushioning to greatly reduce strain and pain from previous injuries.

From 2005-2009 company founder Olivier Bernhard; a professional athlete worked closely with a Swiss engineer to help create the foundation of what in 2010 would become the first On shoe with the innovative Cloud technology with other two founders David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti.

In the few years since On have continually been developing their technologies and designs for even more comfort and support to enhance each runners performance, confident that they are only ‘at the beginning’ of finding the perfect running sensation despite already having produced a range of footwear that has been very successful and even favoured by professional marathon champion runners.

The main feature technology of each pair of On Running trainers is the Clouds which are individual stability ‘balls’ on the outsole that work to provide cushioning for impacts from vertical and horizontal forces by ‘locking’ so every downward step is supported and gives you power for each up and forward motion.  Overall you get a light barefoot feel and enables greatly reduced amount of time in contact with the ground, plus they activate your postural muscles instantly for a natural stable footstrike.

On Cloudster Shoes

The On Cloudster shoes have been designed for general types of running on and off road and feature the CloudTec system for their trademark barefoot unique performance and feeling which is enhanced thanks to a stripped back design from a dual mesh pattern that also gives a lot of breathability.  The Cloudster also features a mesh tongue for more comfort as well.  The great thing about these are that they can be worn on any run or walk without having previous knowledge about what the best and optimum features are for different types of activity and still have the best experience.

On Cloudrunner Shoes

For runners who like to train hard for endurance and marathon running, particularly on concrete and need a little extra support and protection the On Cloudrunner shoes are perfect.  As your feet need to work more these have added enforcements on the upper that give more support and create a snug fit while a customised and moulded heel strap for further protection & comfort.  The footbed includes a Speedboard that is a four layer system for better flex, energy distribution, torsion guidance and spiral dynamics which overall gives a better running gait that enhances performance considerably.  They even have reflective trims in expectation of night running to help you be more visible.

On Cloudsurfer Shoes

When training or participating in competitions that require maximum speed and performance then the On Cloudsurfer shoes meet every demand.  Like all On footwear these have the CloudTec system that makes them so unique and giving superior forward momentum but they have been designed to be sleeker than the other models.  The uppers have a microfibre 3D air mesh to keep the internal climate to a comfortable level and wick away the inevitable moisture build-up plus it is lightweight as well.  Another part of the Cloudsurfer that has reduced weight, yet increased precision are the minimalist translucent eyestays which also adds to the already great styling and design of the shoe.

On Cloudracer Shoes

These are the brand’s ultimate running footwear design with every aspect crafted towards exceptional performance especially during competitive running like marathons by having every part as streamlined as possible without compromising the shoe in any way.  The Cloud Tec on these are 18 low-profile ‘balls’ on the out sole that give you a lighter impact and much more push –off than normal, while the construction of the shoe has an ultra-lightweight skeleton covered in breathable race mesh and an extra-thin tongue giving an amazing barefoot feel, natural flex and they manage to not hold any water at all so no matter the conditions of the trail you’re on every step is like running on air.


The On running footwear range is ideal for anyone wanting to start out with athletics either for the first time or even if you are an experienced professional as they really do offer what you need in a running shoe in every respect.  While they do come with a higher price tag than certain alternatives the advantages they have over other brands does make it easy to see why that is thus overall making them a better choice. Check out FitnessFootwear or OutdoorFusion who both have a large range of On Running Shoes