Introducing the Original SLPY

Every so often a brand comes along with an innovative idea and a product that changes the way something is done to help make things easier and provide greater versatility for an all-round better experience such as SLPY and their Original Sleepy creation that cleverly merges a comfortable sleeping bag with outerwear into one garment.

SLPY pronounced ‘Sleepy’ came to life by being inspired by how we explore the outdoors; which has changed to reflect modern life in recent years with almost continual access to the rest of the world via smart phones and overnight, weekend trips or backpacking adventures being more commonplace as well.  The Original Sleepy works well for individuals and families who love spending time exploring the wilderness but may want a little more versatility around camp or need to make the most of all available space as the design gives you a comfortable and warm sleeping bag that with a few well-placed zips and a cinch system means your arms and legs are free so you can walk around with ease.

Each Original Sleepy wearable sleeping bag is available in a range of sizes and colourways for men, women and children ensuring everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the comfort you have from sleeping, relaxing and walking in one.  As each Sleepy is constructed with a soft and textured pongee outer, Thermolite filling and YKK zips which makes them comfortable to wear and sleep in plus they are suitable for temperatures down to -15 degrees centigrade so are perfect all year-round.

The central two-way zipper ensures simple access while the shoulder zips means your arms can be out of the sides with a full range of movement while at the bottom a Zipcinch allows it to not only be opened so you can get your feet out but brought up to the waist to walk around while wearing it.  Additional very handy features include zipped chest pockets, padded waist pockets an internal media eyelet and even a beard guard; plus each Original Sleepy comes with a durable compression sack for ease of transport and storage when not in use.

Whether staying at home or exploring the middle of an untouched wilderness the Original Sleepy is the perfect item of outdoor gear to give yourself comfort and warmth with that you can take with you. Check out the first retailer to stock the product in the UK –