Complete Guide to Hi-Tec Walking Shoes

Hi-Tec Walking Shoes

Hi-Tec has come a long way since their first squash shoe. Today Hi-Tec make walking shoes, hiking boots and all types of outdoor footwear at a great value for performance price.

Recently we took a look at Brasher as the first brand in our comprehensive guide to the companies that make some of the best walking footwear in the world. Today we’re going to take a closer look at Hi-Tec, the British brand from Shoesbury, Essex who soared to success in the late 70s with their first Hi-Tec Squash shoes, which led them into the sports shoe market and somehow they ended up producing some fantastic walking boots along the way.

As a company, Hi-Tec have always had one philosophy and that’s to offer good looking, performance products at a true value price. The good news for anyone looking for a reliable, hard wearing and handsome walking shoe as the quality of Hi-Tec products is always high while the price is comparatively low compared to the other outdoor brands.

While Hi-Tec may not be the biggest players in the sports or outdoors market, they more than make up for it by having a great range of footwear to choose from, their own array of innovative technologies and a fresh set of ideas, designs and perspectives to keep them ahead in a competitive market.

What does this mean for someone looking to buy a pair of walking boots?

Simply put – Hi-Tec are the cheapest and probably the best when it comes to value.

Hi-Tec AucklandWe’ve been singing the praises of their Hi-Tec Auckland for the past year as a shining example of everything a walking shoe should be. In fact, it’s quite astounding how this shoe can sell for so little considering the vast wealth of technological features it houses, let alone how comfortable it is. The Hi-Tec Auckland WP was a perfect demonstration of how to take the style of a trainer and combine its lightweight performance with all the support, durability and waterproofing of a dedicated outdoor shoe.

Hi-Tec Altitude

But when it comes to the tradition of British brown walking boots, Hi-Tec are far from the sports cheap trainer manufacturer that many take them for. The Hi-Tec Eurotrek WP is a perfect example of a basic waterproof walking boot with a rich leather upper and hard wearing outsole for all the essentials at a competitive price. Meanwhile, the Hi-Tec Altitude IV is just one of their many classic walking boots made with waterproof full grain leather and all the essential cushioning for comfortable walking. While these shoes may seem a little bare on technologies, the quality speaks for itself, as does the price.

While Hi-Tec do make a wide range of very affordable footwear for outdoor pursuits to mirror their selection of sports shoes, it’s often presumed that Hi-Tec is a cheap and cheerful brand. This couldn’t be further from the truth when they offer hiking boots which come fully loaded with features. The difference with Hi-Tec is that their products range in style, price and performance from a £20 pair of Hi-Tec trainers for a casual stroll to a £120 pair of hardcore Hi-Tec walking boots that could be used to quite comfortable march up mountains.

The big difference is that you’re paying for the technology and the design of your shoes, not the brand name attached to them. It’s something which makes Hi-Tec a very humble brand, which is typically British somehow.

Hi-Tec Magnum BootFor the serious outdoor enthusiast, there’s the Hi-Tec Magnum Boot. Normally reserved for the armed forces and public services, Magnum boots are a Hi-Tec brand incorporating the latest lightweight performance and moisture wicking technologies for comfort and support on parade, on the beat or maintaining RAF aircraft. Magnum boots are the standard issue boot for a large number of constabularies around the UK while more advanced forms of the Magnum boot are given to troops fighting in extreme heats from steaming jungle to scorching desert environments. Explorers, adventurers and extreme outdoor enthusiasts have been known to also wear Magnum boots in overcoming the harshest weather conditions.

Hi-Tec CameliaHi-Tec also have a very large women’s range of walking boots and outdoor shoes. Often these are a mixture of styles borrowed from their men’s range, but with lighter colours. Although sometimes they make shoes specifically for women. The Hi-Tec Sofala is one example of an excellent all round outdoor shoe that’s lightweight, good looking and rugged while retaining that feminine element which makes them appealing to women. Unfortunately the ladies aren’t attracted to the same big brown dirty mud trudging boots that us men are! Similarly, for the bare essentials (which for Hi-Tec is still quite a lot), there’s the Hi-Tec Camelia, which combines smart style, light colours and great performance at an unbeatable price.

As you can no doubt see from the volume of styles we’re using to demonstrate the sheer range of Hi-Tec outdoor footwear, there are a lot of Hi-Tec walking shoes to choose from!

So if you’re looking for a pair of walking shoes, which pair of Hi-Tec would you choose? It’s a tough decision when you are literally spoilt for choice. We’ve championed the Hi-Tec Auckland, we’ve recommended the Hi-Tec Altitude for its classic good looks, but which are our favourites from the new Hi-Tec range?

Hi-Tec WalkliteThere are 3 shoes which look particularly promising while offering excellent value for money. So continuing with Hi-Tec’s philosophy of quality and performance and a true value price, we’ve picked out the Hi-Tec Walklite which is designed to be lightweight, moisture wicking and cushioned for comfortable walking during the hot summer months. Although it looks like a trainer, it’s relatively smart and has all the essential features for the casual walker.

For someone seeking a wider variety of outdoor pursuits, the Hi-Tec Alta would be an excellent choice. Far more affordable than the Auckland which we love so much, it’s just as lightweight and breathable while offering a variety of technologies to enhance performance, fit and grip. While not waterproof, it’s perfect for summer and costs a whole £10 less.

Hi-Tec CascadiaBut, if you’re planning on an epic trek and demand the very best from your walking boots, there’s the Hi-Tec Cascadia eVent WPi, a fully featured monster of a hiking boots, designed to conquer mountains, embrace the elements and keep your feet comfortable, dry and breathable in even the coldest, wettest weather conditions. Featuring the eVent membrane and an exclusive Vibram backpacking outsole, Hi-Tec guarantee premium quality, comfort and performance with their Cascadia hiking boots. Of course, you’ll have to pay for all this technology, but with Hi-Tec you always get great value, making this boot a smart choice above many other hiking boots of a similar type.

Still not sure which Hi-Tec outdoor shoes, walking boots or hiking shoes would be best for your needs? Then you can browse the entire range of Hi-Tec at who offer the web’s widest choice of sports and outdoor shoes with Free UK delivery.