Hi-Tec Auckland WP Walking Trainers Review

Hi-Tec Walking Trainers

Hi-Tec AucklandWhile there are a great deal of walking boots on the market, very few brands seem to deliver all the essential features while falling into a sensible price range.

Salomon may have some of the best boots that money can buy, which makes them excellent for marching up mountains or trekking on high level paths, those of us looking to walk to the dog across a muddy field might not be so convinced to pay over a hundred pounds for a pair.

Enter Hi-Tec, the British sports brand known for its association with Squash and other racket sports. Hi-Tec started as a footwear brand in the 70s with a humble ambition to deliver innovative and eye catching designs without charging their customers a small fortune. While this is a very unique approach to business in this modern age, Hi-Tec has certainly delivered on all counts with their growing range of outdoor footwear.

But what makes their Hi-Tec Auckland WP walking trainers so special? And how do they compare to the walking boots from other brands?

Let’s start by looking at the features. We can see that they’re waterproof, moisture wicking, styled like a trainer, then there’s stuff about the midsole, outsole and sock liner, meaning that they’re comfy and quite stable too.

  • Waterproof seam-sealed suede leather/mesh upper
  • Moisture wicking lining
  • Protective abrasion/ resistant toe and heel
  • Rustproof eyelets lacing system
  • Athletic design, last and fit
  • Lightweight CMEVA midsole
  • Durable carbon rubber MDT outsole
  • Removable contoured EVA sockliner

With all the essential boxes ticked, we can safely say that they’re ideal for walking in all kinds of weather conditions while being built to last and look good too.

Hi-Tec SoleThe Sole

The MDT outsole is quite interesting in design because it encourages natural rolling of the foot while supporting the heel arch for more comfortable walking. While the underside is quite peculiar, it offers very good grip and thanks to its chunky features, it doesn’t become clogged with mud quite so easily. The grip is certainly intended for walking, so anyone considering this for trail running would be better off with a more specialised pair of technical walking trainers.

When it comes to appearance, Hi-Tec has designed a very good looking walking shoe with a broad appeal. The choice of warm earthy colours are nicely offset against the orange accents which really makes these shoes stand out, but not in a striking way. Lace patterning is also pleasant on the eye and all the details can be clearly seen, giving these walking trainers a great look.

Where can you use them?

Overall, Hi-Tec Auckland WP walking trainers are ideal if you’re looking for an inexpensive walking shoe that’s comfortable, waterproof and hard wearing with a strong visual appeal. While these are perfect for a Sunday stroll, walking the dog or enjoying a jog along dirt tracks and muddy footpaths, anyone seeking athletic performance would be better investing in a pair of Salomon boots or inov-8 off road shoes. But when you consider all the features and their good looks, Hi-Tec Auckland WP walking trainers offer excellent value for money.

Can you buy a better walking shoe for under £40?

When you consider that all the other walking shoes under forty pounds are also made by Hi-Tec, then the answer is a definite no. The Hi-Tec Auckland WP offers outstanding value for money for a shoe that’s waterproof, moisture wicking and has an athletic last much like a sports trainer which makes it incredibly comfortable to wear while being suitably rugged and hard wearing.

In fact, had I not purchased a pair of Merrell Radius, the Hi-Tec Auckland WP would have been my first choice and with the Merrell shoes being a good £20 dearer in price, there really is no competition.

The women’s model is also exceptional with its cool blue colours, so there is something for everyone.

Hi-Tec Auckland Trainers