Guide to Lowe Alpine

Lowe Alpine Backpacks

_DSC5725Bernina3500 copy copyLowe Alpine have been growing for over half a century, starting out with the Lowe brothers looking for better outdoor gear. In 1967, the first rucksacks were created in their Utah basement, aiming for a backpack suitable for their demands as international climbers and alpinists. At the time, backpacks were stiff and uncomfortable, but Lowe Alpine introduced the world to internally framed backpacks with compression straps; a blueprint for all modern day rucksacks.

Over the years, Lowe Alpine has passed through multiple owners, but the designs and processes stay true to the original vision of creating innovative, practical packs that work in any condition, for any activity. With countless awards and commendations from mountaineers all over the world, Lowe Alpine are a true favourite of

Aeon Backpacks

The Aeon131090-500-1 backpack defines the beginning of a new generation of lightweight and versatile daypacks. The technical design is suitable for hiking, mountain biking, climbing, trail running or even the daily commute, making this a backpack suitable for any journey. Aside from a range of colours and sizes, the Aeon also caters for both men and women’s bodies with different contours and details.

The Aeon features one of Lowe Alpine’s famous back systems; the AirContour. With a highly ventilated, full-contact back system, it’s supportive and body hugging whilst still allowing air circulation to keep your back cool and sweat free. With multi-lock attachment systems to fix all sorts of accessories with ease, the backpack is incredibly versatile. The modern design also fits in with the flexion harness for the perfect body contour, and spreads the load evenly.

Hiking Backpacks

123284-zoomLowe Alpine’s packs are known for their technical and innovative features in backpacks meant for multi-day hikes and walks. Most feature padded and contoured straps with unique back systems for all-day comfort and sweat-reducing capabilities. With different features such as hydration compatibility, additional lash points, hip belt pockets and walking pole tip grippers, it’s easy to find the ideal backpack for whatever trek you’re heading out on.

With a range of sizes, features, colours and prices, it’s incredibly easy to find a suitable Lowe Alpine backpack due to the wide range of different styles.

Travel Packs

85870-zoomLowe Alpine’s travel packs are all built to survive the roughest handling. With AT wheels, lash points and various internal and external pockets, locking zippers, water resistance and telescopic handles, their range of packs are built for various different time frames and journeys. We would recommend the AT Wheelie 120 Luggage with it’s 120 litre capacity, multiple pockets and a durable and water resistant material.


Overall, Lowe Alpine is a great brand with a range of product designed to suit every frame, journey and price range. From the heritage designs of the 60’s, Lowe Alpine are always at the forefront of design and innovation, which means the bags will keep you ahead of the crowd with technical and stylish bags. Whether your walking needs are simple and short or multi-day hikes, we’re confident you’ll find the right bag with Lowe Alpine.