Guide to Columbia Walking Boots, Shoes and Apparel

Columbia Walking Gear

Columbia Sportswear CompanyThe British weather can be whimsical, calling for all sorts of outdoor wear from waterproof jackets to cool walking sandals. Columbia are one of those brands who have been around for centuries, but often get overlooked in favour of the more flashier labels like The North Face and Salomon.

The great thing about Columbia of course is that they cater for everyone taking part in virtually any outdoor activity. Their clothing also provides the perfect level of protection with just the right amount of technical features not to seriously harm your wallet.

As far as branding and the like goes, this is Columbia’s real charm, because it doesn’t matter if you’re walking the dog on a cold and misty morning, trudging along a trail in torrential rain or taking a calm stroll in summer, because Columbia clothing for for anyone and everyone. You don’t need to be a high performance athlete to appreciate it. Columbia’s philsophy isn’t about conquering mountains or being the best, but simply enjoying yourself in the great outdoors.

Much like any other outdoors brand, Columbia offer an extensive range of fleexes, waterproof jackets, waterproof trousers, hats, gloves, etc. But what sets Columbia apart from the crowd is their innovative ideas.

Columbia made the headlines with their Bugathermo rechargeable heated boot that can keep feet warm for up to eight hours with three temperature settings.

Their Mobex back pack has been just as successful. While it’s mostly intended for trail runners, it’s a great summer back pack for walkers because of its lightweight and excellent storage while offering plenty of shoulder movement.

Columbia is just starting to come into their own with a growing range of boots and shoes. Columbia boots in particular offer similar looks to the most popular North Face and Merrell styles, appealing to the slightly younger outdoor market, but with dark earthy colours for the more experienced walkers. When it comes to price, Columbia shoes are much the same as their competitors, but tend to offer a greater number of technical features.

This is because Columbia use only their Omni core technologies to provide all the comfort, support, breathability and waterproof protection you need. Other brands will employ Gore-Tex technologies, which while being renowned for their waterproof membranes will often push the price of a good walking boot up by at least £20 more.

If it’s time to replace your walking boots and apparel, Columbia is certainly worth a try as a better value alternative to the more trendy brands while maintaining a high level of quality.