2XU Guide

2XU Clothing Guide

The aim of brand 2XU is to provide the most technologically advanced clothing so that athletes can enjoy a greater performance and much more comfort and creating a feeling of preparedness and capability with each movement made.

Each 2XU product has been through a lengthy design process that looks at the numerous aspects that all of their clothing needs to address like looking at how it will move and flex with the body with zonal applications and constructing them from new yarns and fabrics not in production anywhere else.

Besides their in-house team of experts and innovators 2XU also work closely with other professionals to trial and test each garment for a continual system of feedback that results in more advanced products optimised even further so no matter which sport or training regime you partake in only the best in performance aid will be gained from wearing this brand.

The fabric technologies consists of high denier fabrics, microfibres, chamois and endurance Lycra ensuring that they will hold and last without losing their shape and the circular knit construction allows for a constant structure that is evenly distributed for stretch compression across 360 degrees.

2XU Tops

The range of tops from 2XU is fairly extensive and offers plenty of choice for different types of sports from cycling and running, to fitness training and compression gear as well.  The tops are available in loose fitting long and short sleeved t-shirts, vests, fitted compression tops, singlets, bras and even cold weather jackets meaning that no matter what your preference, gender or the time of year there are suitable clothing to all requirements.

2XU Shorts & Leggings

Similar to the tops, the 2XU Shorts & Leggings are available for a wide range of sporting activities and while you would expect two varieties of shorts with normal and compression fits there are bib shorts and women’s tights specifically designed for cycling.  As all 2XU clothing uses premium fabrics you get full range of motion in any sports activity which is obviously essential when your legs get the most use.

2XU Suits

2XU Suits come in primarily two distinct types the Tri suits and Wetsuits.  The 2XU Triathlon suits are sleeveless but cover the torso area down to the thighs and have specifically designed for swimming, cycling and running by combining fabrics and panels best suited to all three.  Every 2XU wetsuit is made with a Japanese Yamamoto neoprene fabric that has been enhanced with floating zip and lower leg propulsion panels, rollbar and velocity strakes for incredible streamlining through the water, the brand even produces caps and goggles to go with them.

2XU Accessories

To further the performance given by 2XU garments they have released a varied collection of accessories like performance socks, gloves, caps and hats, backpacks, warmers and even drinks bottles which allow any athlete to have the additions that are needed which best compliment 2XU clothing.


For athletics performance clothing there is little doubt that 2XU offer everything you could want and never stop giving the support your body needs but it does come with a higher price tag than other brands that produce similar types of base layers and clothing.  With so much choice available for different sporting activities 2XU is great for finding exactly what you need and the fact that each garment remains comfortable throughout wearing time and again. For more information on the brand then check out some of their products here