Top 5 Walking Boots 2013

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It’s that time of year again where we review the latest and greatest walking boots and hiking boots from the leading outdoor brands. This year we have taken a number of boots in for review and we have not been disappointed. We have everything from lightweight walking boots to more extreme super durable hiking boots for winter treks. You will be sure to find only the best walking equipment reviewed here at

Teva Riva Leather eVentTeva Riva eVent Leather Boots

Having a tough grip on the underneath, these quality shoes are most walkers’ idea of dream footwear. The Teva Riva eVent Leather Boots renowned for being very comfortable and having a snug fit around the owner’s feet. Their leather ‘outer shell’ (so to speak) ensures that they’re very durable and strongly stay together for a long time. As well as their strong defence to daily challenges, these shoes also possess the wonder that is: eVent. This is a waterproof boot liner that allows the feet be less vulnerable to heavy rain. You won’t find many walking boots (as stable, durable and comfortable as these) for a price as kind to the wallet as these boots.

Brasher Hillmaster 2 GTX Boots

Brasher Hillmaster 2 BootsThe Hillmaster design from Brasher has been totally revamped. The strong, thick grip on the sole has stayed with the boots though. The boots’ Gore-Tex feature plays a big part as it does in most boots. It keeps the owner’s feet dry but also lets them breath at the same time, a great mechanism for a great pair of boots. The shoes go beyond the ankle but have a very thick layer of padding inside to ensure that the owner feels comfortable when walking (especially for long distances when most boots can become uncomfortable and irritable). Despite being: leather and very big in size, the Brasher Hillmaster 2 GTX Boots are extremely light. These boots can be very dear but they are worth every penny due to their good quality and durability.  Merrell-Shoes-Merrell-Moab-Mid-GoreTex-Shoes-Walnut

Merrell Moab Mid GTX Boots

These boots are renowned for being very comfortable, lightweight and easy to walk in. They have padded heels and allow the owner to enjoy a peaceful walk with no interruptions (as far as comfortableness is concerned). Again, the Merrell Moab Mid GTX Boots are very light and allow you to walk for a very long time without feeling that your boots are weighing you down. Their jagged grips on their soles are very useful and provide a very safe walk. The one negative of these boots is that a lot of purchasers of them have said their waterproof Gore-Tex feature doesn’t work very well and that water constantly comes into the boot. Overall, a very good per of Merrell boots and very cheap but paying a little bit more for a pair of boots that fend off water better is recommended by me, personally.

Columbia BugabootsColumbia Bugaboot Plus Boots

These boots look quite heavy but in reality, they’re extremely soft, light and outrageously comfortable. The Columbia Bugaboot Plus Boots are snow/winter specialised boots and plough through the bad weather very easily. Their soles are quite thin but the grips on the boots are very big and do a great job of ensuring the owner doesn’t slip or fall whilst walking. The leather is waterproof and, therefore, the boots are strong and sturdy but also very durable and good at stopping any unwanted water from making its way into the boot. The boots are designed with a special bit of technology called Omni-Grip. It keeps the shoe at a high temperature to battle against the bad weather conditions and to ensure the owner’s feet stay warm and comfortable during his/her trek. These boots are quite dear but are worth it, especially due to their Omni-Grip feature and long durability.

Salomon Comet 3d Hiking Boots reviewSalomon Comet 3D GTX Boots

These boots are amazing. Their Gore-Tex feature prevents any water getting in the boot and becoming a nuisance. The owner’s feet can easily breathe in these outdoor boots and feel chilled and comfortable during a walk. They have lots of padding inside that makes for a very comfortable fit. They’re really uncomfortable and hardly ever cause blisters or pains. They make for one of the most comfortable shoes around. They’re very light and easy to walk in. The grip on the sole of the Salomon Comet 3D GTX Boots enables the owner to have peaceful walks without having to worry about falling or slipping over. These are very dear but they’re worth it as they’re one of the best pairs of walking boots on the market today; a great bargain. If you have enjoyed this article then why not read our previous Top 5 Walking Boots 2011 article?


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