Walking Boots Reviews

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Every walk, hike and trail we explore always sees various walking equipment we love or are testing  put through the paces.  This enables us to find out the best performing outdoor gear across the board and thus inform you and other adventurers around the world through our Walking Boots Reviews so when searching for a new pair to replace old favourites you’ll know which to choose.  As there are a number of factors to consider in choosing a pair of Hiking Boots we not only try out as many brands and types of boot that we can get our feet into each season but compare them too so you can see factors like which ones are harder wearing, more supportive and better suited to certain climates in terms of waterproofing and breathability.  Each year we compile a list of our absolute favourites in Top 5 Walking Boots reviews which entails us looking at the greatest function, performance, style plus other factors for each pair and in addition you can always view previous entries to see how well certain boots compete each year against both the most popular and the latest new innovations.

Certain footwear deserves a little more attention so our Walking Boots Reviews includes our thoughts on specific models of hiking boot pairs after having worn them across intended environments and terrain while others feature a particular collection or brand so you can see how each one and type performs.  You can also find handy guides for cleaning, re-proofing and other hints and tips for looking after walking boots to help them last longer and get the most from every pair you own in our Equipment Reviews section.

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