Cool Camping Gear

Camping today can be quite a different experience to even just a couple of decades ago with the ever rapid advancements in technology meaning we are almost continually wirelessly connected to everyone else in the word, plus the ever popular ‘Glamping’ that lets you keep most of the home creature comforts in the outdoors.  However if you wish instead to take full advantage of the latest technical innovations to make your next camping trip easier yet enjoy the solitude and experience of the wilderness we have some Cool Camping Gear to take with you that merges innovation with function.

The Original SLPY

Even with the best quality and most functional sleeping bag available you still have to take off layers and potentially lose some of the heat you have held onto from the late night campfire when you get in and even more so if nature calls during the night.  The innovation behind the Original SLPY is so that you can enjoy the comfort of a regular sleeping bag but you can simply un-zip at the bottom to free your legs and at the sides for your arms to walk around in and relax around the camp site without actually needing to get out of it, plus if you prefer it’s easy to wear all day long if you want to stay warm and comfy.

Tentsile Tents

Probably the most versatile and least impacting on the environment way of camping that offers a completely new way of staying outdoors.  Incredibly light and extremely strong the Tentsile Tents can be pitched above the ground and attached to trees, not dissimilar to a hammock but with the advantages of a habitation structure that is supportive and can be secured.  You can even link them together for a social group of tents and ones for your gear also.  Alternatively if you do prefer to be closer to the ground they can be pitched exactly like a standard tent as well.

Miti Stove

There are a number of easy to use and lightweight portable stoves around but the Miti is by far the lightest and most compact to carry.  All you need is to find a log that fits the diameter of the grill, split it into four with a axe and secure it in place with the pegs, then put biomass in the centre of the log and light it.  The grill is ideal for placing any pots and pans you have to cook food and boil water.

Therm-A-Rest Treo Camping Chair

A compact and packable Camping Chair that is practical and easy to carry has been something brands have been trying to crack for a long time, but the Therm-A-Rest Treo fits the bill like no other.  The Treo packs into an eleven inch cylindrical case so is easy to carry.  Folded out you have a sturdy yet light 6000 Series Aluminium frame and a highly durable Nylon seat, plus non-slip or skid feet on the tripod which gives a 13 inch height so is fairly comfortable and supportive, plus relatively easy to get in and out of. Check them out at Amazon

3 in 1 Stanley Vacuum Coffee Flask

The Stanley three-in-one Vacuum Coffee System is the answer to not only carrying everything you need to keep your favourite hot beverage warm but also the means in which to prepare it as well.  Complete it appears to be a standard flask but neatly stored away are all of the separate components that make up a boiling pot, a cafetiere that slots inside the pot to brew coffee in, two cups, a storage unit for coffee grounds and a thermos you can pour the coffee into that will keep the drink warm for up to 24 hours.  Then simply reassemble the Stanley 3 in 1 Coffee System and continue on your travels.